1. How do I renew my books on-line?

  • Go to online catalogue in www.discoverkids.in.
  • Enter your password and id
  • Click on 'welcome…’
  • The window will show you the list of items that has been borrowed.Click on the Renew tab.

2. What forms of payment do you accept?

Discoverkids accepts payment by Cash, Credit card or Cheque.

3. What happens if the books/puzzles are damaged beyond repair?

Customers are requested to pay the equivalent amount or replace the damaged item.

4. How do I know when I have to return my books?

There will be a due alert in your e-mail account from Cybrarian.

5. How do I know when my membership is over?

Patron gets an automatic –mail alert at least one week before the expiry date.

6. What happens if I don’t return my books after my membership expiry?

Usage fee will be deducted from the refund amount. Membership will be closed after the refund amount is over.

7. What happens if I do not pay my subscription fee for a long period?

Beyond a period of one month, renewal fee of Rs.150 will be charged towards renewal of the membership.

8. Can I take a break during my membership?

Members in annual/six monthly membership can freeze their membership time for a month. It needs to be conveyed to the staff by email.

9. Can my child be left alone in the library?

Children below 6 years should always be accompanied by a parent/adult and be supervised by the same.

10. What happens to my security deposit, if I decide to discontinue my membership?

The refunds will be settled only through online.